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The importance of signage

I saw a recruitment sign in a restaurant a few weeks ago.  It was written by hand, in two different colour pens and with spelling and grammatical mistakes.  The restaurant has just undergone an expensive refurbishment but had not considered to pay attention to the image this sign gave of the business.

It happens all the time and there’s many examples if you follow the hashtag on Twitter: #signfails.  Companies often fail with this basic communication and yet it can provide a communication channel for the business to add your brand personality.  

However, when you are rushed off your feet, it can be difficult, so we recommend getting some signs ready in advance.

There will probably be a few common signs that your business will need. 

For example:   

  • Apologies, we’re only accepting cash today owing to a technical difficulty with our card machine.  We apologise for the inconvenience cause.  

  • Sorry…this toilet is temporarily closed. 

Pre-produce the signs you think you'll business will need and ensure all your employees know where to find them.

We'd also recommend producing a template for your bespoke signs. This will make a big difference to how your customers perceive your business.

It can also help with recruitment and increase the likelihood of the right people applying for jobs in your company.  After all, if you can’t be bothered to make an effort with your job advert, why would you be a good employer? Reputation matters and it starts with something as simple as your company signs.   

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