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Join us in supporting the M6 Toll's Move for MAAC fundraising campaign

We’re always thrilled to extend our support to our clients' fundraising efforts and are proudly participating in the M6 Toll's Move for MAAC campaign this May.

The primary objective of this fundraising initiative is to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC), a charity that delivers exceptional pre-hospital care and life-saving interventions to patients at the scene of incidents. On a daily basis, MAAC's dedicated team attends to an average of 12 patients, providing critical assistance in cases involving cardiac arrests, road traffic collisions, and sports-related injuries.

In our commitment to this cause, David, will be actively engaging in the Move for MAAC campaign alongside the M6 Toll team. Throughout the month of May, David will be embarking on an impressive challenge, running and cycling a total distance of 216 km. This distance is the combined span between the Midland Air Ambulance bases.

Support David and the M6 Toll team, visit:

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