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The coding school helping to plug the skills gap

We were delighted to work with Codecool, an education start-up from Budapest to give them exposure in the UK in HR publications.

Our story was featured in HR Dive and Personnel Today and helped to increase awareness of the company's approach to training and developing young people.

Read the press release:

The coding school helping to plug the skills gap

The coding school helping to plug the skills gap

*  The coding school is planning to bring its pioneering approach to tackling the skills gap to the UK and train up home-grown talent, after securing €3.5 million of funding.


A start-up from Central Eastern Europe, with a new approach to tackling the IT skills shortage is warning the UK to follow its example and look at new agile models for training young people in IT skills, as Brexit is only going to exacerbate this shortage.

Today, programming is fundamental to the understanding of the hyperconnected world that we live in.  The European Commission (EC) has warned that a lack of basic coding skills could result in Europe facing a shortage of up to 900,000 IT professionals by 2020.

Codecool, which has been in operation since 2015, recognised early on that a new approach was needed to find talent, develop it and match rising stars to businesses to help them remain competitive.   At Codecool, students work under the supervision of experienced mentors to gain these skills and a course encompasses 12 months of school and six months of paid IT internship. Codecool is able to adapt its syllabus to changing technologies quicker than Universities and also has the advantage of working closely with businesses to ensure they are teaching the skills needed for a changing commercial world.

József Boda, CEO and founder of Codecool explains:

“Technology is moving faster than our ability to keep up with it, so if we don’t ensure our people have the skills of the future then businesses will not remain competitive.  

“We know there is a need for businesses to find talent, so we are working hand-in-hand with them to get the right people, so we can guarantee our graduates with a job at the end of our course.

“Although the UK has recently set up an Institute of Coding, it is a big gap to plug.  Businesses need a way to quickly find their rising stars and industry-ready talent that also fit with their company values and make a difference to the bottom line from day one.  Codecool is a very successful model that challenges the traditional University approach to education.”

Codecool is growing at a fast pace and is planning to set up 12 schools across Europe by 2022 and has plans to come to the UK. They already have successful schools in both Hungary and Poland and are well on their way to succeeding in their growth plans after securing €3.5 million of funding.   

To find out more about the company, visit:


Notes to editors:

Student case study: András Késik

András Késik was 19 years old when he joined the police force. After five years, he decided to change direction and applied to the Miskolc-based programming course of Codecool. “I applied to Codecool with basically zero knowledge on programming.” – says András.  According to him, the school allowed its students to try every aspect of the field and offered them a wide perspective on the profession.

He spent the obligatory six months of traineeship at W.UP - a digital sales company for Banks, where they were so impressed with his work, they offered him a full-time job at the end of his traineeship. Soon he was presented with a chance to work for W.UP on a placement in Dubai.  

During the placement, he worked for First Abu Dhabi Bank, where he participated in the region’s biggest digital wallet development.  The work didn’t stop for András and he is currently working on financial technology developments at W.UP, specialising on mobile payment solutions, which is one of the most exciting fields of IT today.

Besides mobile app developments for Budapest Bank and MKB, András cooperated in a project where he and two of his colleagues developed an application for a Swiss bank in just two months.  

András Késik highly recommends Codecool’s courses for anyone who is truly interested in programming and has the necessary ambition for it. András is only one of the many success stories realised through Codecool, and he’s certainly not the last one.

About Codecool:  

In 2015, a group of experienced Central Eastern European IT managers recognised there was a growing skills gap.  Codecool, was created and specialises in training in programming. Codecool has training centres in Budapest, Miskolc, Krakow and Warsaw.  

About CEO and co-founder, József Boda:

József spent 12 years in different management roles at IT companies before co-founding Codecool. He was e-business director at IND group and he was general manager of Evosoft Miskolc, a subsidiary of Siemens AG. Seeing the shortage of good developers, his experience led him to co-found Codecool where they are now training full-stack developers with real life project experience, proven tech skills and valuable soft-skills. He is fluent in English, Hungarian and German.  

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