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Marketing Support for G-Smatt Europe


G-Smatt Europe, is a UK-based subsidiary of a global South Korean business specialising in revolutionary media glass products.  In 2018, Big Foot Communications was appointed to provide marketing support to G-Smatt Europe, focusing on the creation of new brochures, website improvements for search engine optimization (SEO), and the development of engaging online content.


The primary objectives of the collaboration were as follows:

  • Create new brochures that effectively showcased G-Smatt's innovative media glass products.

  • Enhance G-Smatt's website by improving SEO and creating engaging online content.

  • Develop strategic marketing plans and materials for G-Smatt Europe.

  • Conduct competitor and keyword analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

What we did

We worked closely with the G-Smatt Europe team, dedicating two days per week to the project. We attended team meetings and social events to foster strong relationships and gain a deeper understanding of G-Smatt's brand and offerings.  The key initiatives undertaken by Big Foot Communications included:

a. Strategic Documents:

Produced a comprehensive launch plan for a new business segment.

Developed a detailed marketing plan, outlining key strategies and tactics.

Created marketing materials, such as an architecture brochure, to showcase G-Smatt's products.

Devised a social media plan to leverage online platforms for brand promotion.

b. Networking Event:

Organised a showcase networking event in conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture in 2018.  We Leveraged the event to strengthen industry relationships, generate awareness, and highlight G-Smatt's products.

c. Competitor and Keyword Analysis:

Conducted a thorough analysis of competitors to identify market trends and areas of differentiation.

Performed keyword analysis to optimise G-Smatt's website for improved search engine rankings.


Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Implemented SEO best practices to enhance the visibility and searchability of G-Smatt's website.

Enhanced website content and structure to increase organic traffic and improve search rankings.

Enhanced Marketing Materials:

Successfully created new brochures that effectively showcased G-Smatt's media glass products.

Developed engaging online content to captivate the target audience and reinforce the brand's value proposition.

Comprehensive Marketing Plans:

Equipped G-Smatt Europe with strategic marketing plans to guide their activities throughout the year.

Enabled the company to align marketing efforts with overall business objectives and target audience preferences.

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