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Internal Communications Support for Chiltern Railways 


Chiltern Railways approached us in 2019 to provide internal communications support for two projects. Firstly, we were tasked with creating Uniform Wearer Standards Guide to support the launch of a new uniform, and secondly, we were asked to produce a user guide for an App, specifically for front line staff who check tickets. 

What we did

Chiltern Railways had a very quick turnaround time to produce these guides.  We also needed to ensure that they addressed all the information employees needed to know and we needed to engage with Unions about the uniform guidelines.   


For the brochure, we conducted a focus group to understand the key information that employees needed to know. We then used this to develop engaging content and worked closely with a design team to create a visually appealing layout.  We also arranged for the uniform to be sent to us in advance of it being rolled out.  This meant that we could do a photoshoot at a station and on board a train to capture a number of photos that we believed were needed for both booklets, as well as for future marketing efforts. 


Both documents were delivered on time and to the satisfaction of Chiltern Railways. Feedback from train managers suggested that the App user guide was particularly helpful in enabling them to troubleshoot issues more effectively. We also received feedback from employees that the Uniform Wearer Standards Guide was very useful for them in understanding how the uniform should be worn.

“Emma worked on a number of initiatives for me and delivered the projects effortlessly. She built relationships quickly to get the work done and approached them with care and creativity. I really valued how she brought a fresh perspective to the work, incorporating photography and imagery to shape compelling narratives.”

Sally Gillespie, Client 

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